stevan7Mr. Gates is known nationally as a speaker, trainer, and coach on matters of investing, retirement planning, and estate planning. He traveled the country sponsored by a leading financial firm in Salt Lake City teaching people about strategies to structure their financial and retirement plans.He continues that tradition with his public seminars and speaking engagements today along the Wasatch front.

He also advises on insurance matters based on his passion for safety and low risk in all areas of life. He believes a philosophy of “Safety First” with insurance, finances and investing is important to his clients. Gates was selected to the Elite Lincoln Financial Advisors/Sagemark Consulting Private Wealth Service Group (SPWS), an “Advanced Planner Group.

stevan6SteVan is an alumnus of Weber State University in communications and University of Utah where he majored in economics. He went on to earn the CRPC® (Chartered Retirement Planning Counsellor) designation from the College for Financial Planning and is a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA).

His primary focus is on planning – planning for your retirement, planning for your stevan5family, and planning for your future. His goal is for his financial plans to inspire his clients to have clarity and comfort about their financial futures.
SteVan’s expertise and innovative financial solutions have earned him many honors and special recognitions.  In 2015, SteVan was awarded the prestigious designation of “Advisor of the Year” by Allegis Investment Advisors.  And Sagemark Private Wealth named him to the “Top 50 Financial Planners Nationally” list in each of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2013.

Practice Focusgates-053

  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Income Creation
  • Estate Organization & Planning





Personal Glimpses family-picture-2014

SteVan and his wife, Jolene, live in Bountiful and have 4 fantastic children (David, Nathan, Michael and Lexie) and a Sheepadoodle dog named Baymax. They love traveling and being involved in their children’s interests.

SteVan’s passion for financial planning and successful retirement for his clients was born out of difficult times.  His father was a home builder who lost everything in the 1979 home building crash.    Through this difficult time, SteVan learned as a teenager the importance of financial risk management and the value of having adequate emergency reserves.  He vowed at the time that he would never make his own family live through such an ordeal.  And now he extends that passion to his clients.

stevan3It was while SteVan was doing a research paper titled “Common $ense” in a business class at Weber State University that he really discovered his passion for financial planning as a career.  He loved helping everyday people understand and master their own finances and persue financial independence.  Ever since then – and especially in the last 24 years – he has been dedicated to improving the financial outlooks of his clients.

SteVan is very involved in church leadership and responsible positions in community service organizations.  He was nominated to serve on a highly regarded Community Partnership Foundation where he is a 5-year Board Member.  Community stevan1stevan2Partnership Foundation is a 45-year-old Pioneer Adult Rehabilitation Center (PARC) with a mission of helping adults with disabilities to be coached in internships with corporate partners statewide in getting and maintaining meaningful employment. With his son, Michael, who has Cerebral Palsy & Autism, SteVan loves his service comm-partnership-foundation-board-pic-nov-2014with the marvelous mission and story PARC has successfully deployed with corporate community visionaries.

In his spare time, SteVan enjoys running/jogging, and he has run in numerous 10K’s and a few half marathons.  He also loves reading, serving in his community, and spending time with his family.  He enjoys outdoor activities like golfing, skiing, and fishing – especially if he can get any of his kids to come with him.